Name of egyptian queen

name of egyptian queen

Queens of Egypt, List of famous and little known Queens of Ancient Egypt. an official by the name of Weni was ordered to investigate and the case went to trial. Find and save ideas about Egyptian queen names on Pinterest. | See more about Egyptian goddess names, Queen nefertiti and Isis goddess. The names of all the Queens of Egypt. List of famous Queens and consorts of the Kings of Egypt. List of consorts and queens including Nefertiti, Tiy and Nefertari. A son of Nefermaat , the eldest son of pharaoh Sneferu , and of Itet. Outline Index Major topics Glossary of artifacts. The successor of Akhraten and the predecessor of Nastasen. Pharaoh of the 3rd dynasty, possibly succeeded Sanakht , may be the owner of the Layer Pyramid. She has also been called the "Friend of the Dead". The Queens of Egypt who were Pharaohs of the ancient Egyptian Empire The famous consort Queens of Egypt who were married to Pharaohs Queens of the Ptolemaic Dynasty of ancient Egypt List of Queens of Egypt The following chart provides a list of the ruling Queens of Egypt and the royal women who were famous as the consorts of ruling pharaohs. She was a wife of Egyptian Pharaoh Neferefre. A king of the Kushite Dynasty reigned c. Vizier under king Ramesses IXordered www.mahjongg led investigation about some royal tomb robberies. Cleopatra IV married her brother Ptolemy IX c. He was the High Priest of Amun at Www.kü and de facto ruler of southern Egypt. Also known as Nefaarud I. Queens of Egypt - Incest and 'Divine Queenship' The ancient Egyptians also saw incest seen as an acceptable practise amongst the kings of Egypt in order to retain the sacred and divine bloodline. She was the daughter of the Saite pharaoh Psamtik I. His wives were Batahaliye and probably Pelkha. He spent much of his reign defending his kingdom against Persian reconquest but still erected many monuments and temples. Nomarch of Men'at Khufu under Amenemhat II and Senusret II, known for his remarkable tomb at Beni Hasan. Served as vizier to Pepi I. He probably served during the reigns of king Psusennes II and king Shoshenq I. Bek followed the king to Akhetaten , the city founded by Akhenaten. She governed Thebes until the Persian conquest of Egypt in BC. She is thought to have been the wife of either Pepi I or of Pepi II. Executed at the orders of Arsinoe IV of Egypt by Ganymedes. This article does not cite any sources. He was the nomarch of Hierakonpolis and a supporter of the Herakleopolitan-based 10th dynasty which was locked in conflict with the Theban-based 11th Dynasty kings for control of Egypt. Poorly known pharaoh of the 14th dynasty, likely of Semitic descent and reigning over the eastern Nile Delta. Possibly a son of King Den. Queen Berenice III Barbie gucken. Ay is also believed by some to have plotted against Schachspiele Tutor played a part in his murder. Find fascinating fun facts about the Queens of Egypt for kids and the history, culture and civilisation of the ancient Egyptians and ancient Egypt. Queen Cleopatra V Tryphaena. name of egyptian queen

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